Frequently Asked Questions

   When is the Fair? Second weekend in August, Saturday 10-9

  Is the Fair outdoors? Yes, it's outdoors, across from the Stonehouse bar, Ralston Street, Detroit, MI, See "Directions" link

   Where is the Fair? Across from the Stonehouse bar, Ralston Street, Detroit, MI - See "Directions" link

   When is the call for art? March 30, 2017

   When is the deadline to submit? June 30, 2017

  Do you have to live in Detroit to get a booth? No, we accept applications from anywhere in the metropolitan Detroit and surrounding areas.

   How much is a booth fee for artists? $105 for new artists but it might be less if we get enough sponsors!

   Is the booth fee the same as the application fee? Yes, it is the same fee, paid only one time.

   Can I apply after the deadline? Yes, there is an additional $50 late fee, so the total to apply after the deadline is $155

   How do I apply? Click on the "Application" link after March 1, 2017

   If I need to cancel, can I get a refund? Yes, but only if it's in writing before July 1, 2017

   When will I be notified? AFTER JUNE 30 submission deadline by EMAIL.

   How big are booth spaces? 11' x 11' on pavement or grass, outdoors across from the Stonehouse bar, see site map

   Does the Fair supply tents or other exhibit materials? No, Artists must bring their own tents with canopy, weights, walls, tables, chairs, etc. - the Fair does NOT supply exhibition materials.

   Does the Fair provide security? Yes, security is provided by FAF during Fair hours and set up/tear down.

   Can I resell store bought goods as is? No, all items for sale must be the creative work of the artist vendor selling them.

   Can I share a tent? Yes, but all work shown must be submitted and subject to jury approval.

   Will there be electricity? Yes, Electricity IS available for a $15 fee to cover costs of our electrician & equipment; artists who wish may also bring battery powered items.

   What if I don't own a tent, can I still participate? Yes, but you must still bring your own exhibition materials, and be aware of the weather.

      How much does each weight for my tent need to be? 35lbs per corner. Need ideas? Ask us!

   How do I tie my weight to my tent? With a heavy duty cord, laundry rope, or strap. DO NOT USE TWINE! it is NOT strong enough!

   Are dogs allowed? Yes, but don't forget to PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG if you bring one!)

   Where does my booth fee go? See our online transparent budget by clicking the "Budget" link

   Will there be food/beverage at the Fair?
Yes, we will have a food vendor and also separate beer tent.

   Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages into the Fair? No, state law forbids bringing outside alcohol into the Fair and we know you want to help support our event!

   Do you need musical acts?

   Are musicians paid? Our limited budget allows for a token stipend of $50* per musical act.(*As budget allows)

   Will there be a PA or backline? While a PA is provided, performers must bring their own backline.

   Is there a sound engineer? Yes.

   Can musicians sell merchandise and keep profits? Yes, performers are encouraged to sell their merchandise and keep all profits.

   Will there be a stage? Yes, we provide a mobile truck stage with lighting and electricity.

   How long are sets? Sets are one hour, which includes set up and tear down.

   What is the expected attendance? Attendance is expected to be between 3,000 and 6,000 visitors.

   What will media coverage be? Media coverage will be local TV station coverage, as well as advertisements in Metro Times and local newspapers, and radio spots on NPR.

   How can I donate? Send donations via paypal to

  Still need to contact us?