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Hand Addressed
Envelopes, Invitations, Reply Cards, Table / Placecards, Announcements

Custom Ink Colors
Two Script Styles to choose from: Traditional Copperplate Script or Roman Print

By appointment only
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Julie happily will hand address in calligraphy any invitation you have and if you don't have them already, Julie also offers customized invitations with Custom Choice of
ink, paper, vellum and cardstock**

Invitations $50.00* for creating artwork
(unless otherwise specified, invitations will be computer printed from
hand written original)

$300 for set of 100*

(includes inner and outer envelopes, before addressing)
$560 for set of 100 invitations and envelopes with artwork, ribbons, printing and addressing; price may vary.*
*This minimum price does not include assembly. Clients responsible for shipping and delivery charges. Minimum order $25.00.
Invitations may be ordered in any quantity.
Price may vary depending upon
choice of vellum and/or cardstock.

For specifics (i.e. paper choice, color, availabiltity, etc...)
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