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I drove from Detroit to Georgia & painted 3,252 names of those killed in Iraq (since the start of the war) on this Jeep.
No payment was involved, a volunteer painter was asked for & I wanted to do it.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to read the two articles published in Atlanta & Detroit on this project.
Oct. 2008 Update:  the Jeep has been sold to an unknown person after it was involved in a minor accident.
Rod, without whom I could never have done this project.  He made sure I took breaks to eat and not burn out.  He cheered me on when I was too sore and tired to keep going. 
Kim, Scott and AJ.  The Jeep is Kim's, and her husband Scott is very supportive.
Me, right after finishing. I worked for a total of  54 hours, (minus six hours for breaks), over a four day period.  I'm a wee bit tired...
Jonathan & his brother, Josh.  They painted the red, white and blue tag lines located near the top, "3,627 & counting" & " Lives lost in war on terror".  The number 3,627 painted on the back of the Jeep  includes lives lost in Afghanistan, which I sadly could not include on the car due to space and time restraints.
Kim has made a MySpace page for the Jeep, too,
Thanks to all who made this possible, including: Jack, Rod, Joe, Jim, Kim, Scott, Walt, Jenn, Jerry, Dr. B.G, Andrezj, Patty, Charles, Fred and others, for their generous contributions that allowed me to make the trip to Georgia.
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