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Industrial Design

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Blooms packaging
Blooms flower
small blooms
                           Home Fragrance Product:    Watch it Grow and Bloom!!    Please be patient while it loads, thanks!
Patent Pending
White Noise Generator
See complete presentation:
Download White Noise Generator PDF
For more of Julie's industrial design work, please visit
pez & buick
See complete presentation:
Download Jeep NAIS Detroit exhibit PDF
form z house
55 chevy rendering
Fisher price project
See complete presentation:
Download Fisher Price PDF
car wire frame
round purse
I designed and built this functional 7" diameter purse, it opens like a clamshell and is lined with dark emerald green velvet.  When opened it displays a red background with black flowers - a reverse of the outer fabric.
photoshop rendered car
egg stand
car interior
See complete presentation:
Download Julie's
CARS renderings & sketches PDF
car interior
I like the warmth of "old-school" style renderings with marker and pencil and
maybe some chalk.
picture of phone
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